We Wadi EL-Nile is one of our most important interest in Halal slaughter and therefore we take pride in our quality

For slaughter, which is called in the Islamic shariah. And intelligence in the language is completely, and called slaughter is smart because it is a complete sacrifice to the spirit of the animal or bird to be slaughtered, which was a life when you realized it Vtzmh Ozagha Vtamtmoh. And the shrewdness shall be only for the eaten, for it shall not be wise if a man kills a lion with an ox, for the lion is forbidden to eat it. Slaughtering sacrifices is not only for slaughtering, but during the year for many reasons, such as eating and charity, a person slaughters a bird or a beast for the purpose of eating meat. The conditions that must be met do not differ according to the reason for slaughter. The only condition that can be different is in the sacrifice, because it has special conditions on a specific date. Otherwise, it can be slaughtered whenever it wants the conditions of slaughter that the Islamic religion has enacted.