Beef and calves consume more sheep, followed by chicken, fish and other meat. Calves are very important economically to achieve self-sufficiency in Egypt. The reason for the concentration of calves on calves to the possibility of fast fattening are small animals, and the ability to convert what you eat to meat rich in protein, as well as eating calves meat better and easier on the stomach than eating beef and large bulls in age.

Methods of fattening

veal Feeding calves in infancy Feeding calves is feeding cows during the first week of life, and the introduction of alternative milk during the second week to get accustomed by the third week, where the reliance on calves feed large quantities of milk, sometimes up to thirty Kilogram per day, and milk is given at multiple doses throughout the day to ensure that all milk is served. Some items are added under the supervision of a specialist veterinarian such as adding special organic substances and supplements, adding vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus to the milk mixes. Breastfeeding lasts for three months and sometimes lasts up to six months. . Milk skimmed. Dry saplings. Curry. Dry whey derivatives. Soy protein concentrates. Separated soy protein and animal plasma protein.

Fattening calves from six months to twelve months after weaning the calves for milk begins to feed on a daily basis, feeding them about two and a half kilograms of feed and a kilogram and a half of clover cloves, and adding one kilogram of wheat straw, Increase the amount of feed monthly in proportion to the increase in weight, so that the calf when the general year of eating four kilograms of food a day.