Wadi El-Nile company for modern pastures limited Sudanese company working in breeding and fattening and exports Sudanese meat both living & slaughtered (halal) both chilled and frozen

The company established in 2013 with a smart partnership Sudanese to supply neighboring markets with red meat and requirements through the establishment of a farm in central Sudan to be the basis for selecting and fattening and slaughtering and soothes, packing and shipping to meet all the demands and needs of the different markets of neighboring Arabic countries and other

Management Profile

In line with Wadi EL-Nile’s policy, all middle- management positions are manned by industry professionals, with both local and international experties, specialized knowledge and the excellent IT skills needed to meet the growing requirements of a dynamic company.

Company Foundation

Founded in March of 2013, with a multi-million pound investment as a Joint Stock company by, Wadi EL-Nile for Food Processing was launched as a premium grocery and home supplies shopping facility. It provides a consistently high standard of products to a discerning market, handled by a managerial team that boasts substantial skills and strong backgrounds in They have set out to ensure that all facets of the operation are streamlined to maintain a seamless operation from the first customer contact to the delivery of each order. Backed up by the team of experienced professionals in key positions and highly trained staff, they are confident that the service will become a mainstay for many Egyptian households.

The Concept

Daily routine with its ‘list of things to do’ can be hectic, so why not find a way to streamline it wherever possible? That is why Wadi EL-Nile has set out to make shopping a pleasure instead of a chore. By applying the latest secure technology along with top quality produce, and the latest products available in the market, Wadi EL-Nile aims to bring you all you need in a few precise but easy steps. 

Commitment and Core Values

  •  We communicate in a professional and respectful way.
  •  We work with integrity, trust and honesty.
  •  We recognize and reward excellence.
  •  We work with loyalty, quality and high efficiency.
  •  We work together as one team, one family.
  •  We are committed towards our employees and vendors, meaning our employees are committed towards giving the highest level of customer support and service.
  •  We are dedicated to maintaining maximum customer satisfaction, both in service and quality of goods.
  •  Wadi EL-Nile call center not only receive orders, it is committed to providing added value through a professional customer support system which supplies knowledgeable product information. It is Wadi EL-Nile's policy to continually enrich the customer shopping experience.

Passion to Serve

The 150- strong team of staff has been fully trained in every step of our system, meaning that with our opening in March of 2013 you should find our process seamless and enjoyable. That is just the beginning.
Doing Business with Us