• The nutritional value of meat and the difference between red meat types
    If we look at the meat, we will find that it is high in nutritional value, according to nutrition experts, so the human should be treated moderately to get the benefits and avoid the damage that can eliminate the benefits. Dr. Fawzi al-Hattar, professor of nutrition at the National Research Center in Cairo, explained that meat in general has a high nutritional value as it provides the body with proteins, salts and essential fats. It also contains the essential amino acids that the body needs and can not synthesize. Shobaki points out that humans need 50 to 60 grams of protein a day, with 100 grams of meat containing 20 grams of protein, which means that 100 grams of meat provides about one third of the daily protein requirement.
    The meat is one of the richest foods in zinc, which is included in some important body processes such as maintaining the sense of smell and regulate the level of blood sugar and the level of metabolism. It also works to increase immunity and helps to speed wound healing. Meat is the richest food in iron, necessary to maintain blood hemoglobin levels and protect humans from anemia. It is also a good source of mineral sources such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, selenium and vitamin B.
    Meat is also rich in fats and cholesterol that can lead to serious health sequences on humans. It is also rich in proteins, which can lead to many health problems, including kidney disease.